Modern Performance Management 

 July 13, 2021

Performance Management has been evolving ever since the 18th Century. The digital revolution was a big historical turning point that accelerated the way that performance reviews look and feel. In fact, 76% of companies surveyed have reinvented their performance management to be more continuous. Now, jobs are more agile and performance management needs a more modern approach. One that leverages the right tools, encourages engagement, and helps improve employee performance overall.

Performance Management Tools

Digital performance management tools help make regular check-ins and two-way communication easy. Especially, when it comes to things like performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback. The benefits of setting up a more formal, digitized performance management system are two-fold. You can keep feedback loops open and make sure your direct reports are on the right track through ongoing conversations. You’ll also have more data at your fingertips to help fine-tune your approach and streamline workflows. It creates multiple ways to record and track which goals have been met, and review any feedback that’s been given. Employers are able to keep better, more detailed track of each employee’s performance all in one place.

The performance review and self-assessment process is an important tool to build employee engagement and encourage growth. Self-Assessment is an excellent tool for both staff and management. Especially, when the goal is improvement. However, employers should be aware of the risk of bias. Give employees the tools to analyze their strengths and weaknesses regarding their performance. This strategy helps create goals that fuel personal and professional growth. Some major benefits you can see with self-assessments include: giving the employee better insights into their data, the employee’s perspective is considered, and it gives the employee a voice. Management and HR can use this information to encourage growth, reward excellent productivity, and include it as part of the process in promotion considerations.

A Current Look at Modern Performance

To learn how to kickstart a new and improved program for your business, be sure to tune into the upcoming presentation, A Current Look at Modern Performance Management on July 27th at 10:30am CST.

During the webinar attendees will learn:

  • The history of performance and what modern organization are doing now.
  • Designing an ongoing feedback loop at the time when it’s most relevant.
  • Empowering employees and managers to can gain clarity on recent success and challenges, as well as plan ahead.
  • How to train managers on providing relevant, impactful feedback.

About Shari Simpson

Shari has 15+ years of experience as an HR professional in training and development, payroll and benefits administration, employee relations and talent acquisition all while working in a variety of industries including healthcare, local government, real estate, consumer goods and technology. She has collaborated with managers and senior executives to build partnerships and create innovative strategies that drive results. In her current role, she creates and manages organization-wide HR programs for Paylocity.

She also hosts the podcast PCTY Talks which is focused on helping elevate HR, Payroll and Business professionals’ impact on their business by sharing new and progressive ideas in thought leadership and tackling today’s tough relevant topics. Additionally, Shari is the HR Co-Lead for the woman’s employee resource group, SHEroes. Shari holds her SHRM-SCP, MBA and MHRM.

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