Our Team

Adrienne Olson
Vice President

J Alex Olson
Vice President

Amber Anderson
Employee Benefits Specialist

Amber Lincoln
Retirement Assistent

Amy McAlpine
Account Manager

B.J. Davis
Vice President
Benefits Consulting

Candace Maaske
Vice President
Health and Welfare Division

Deb Burk
Administrative Assistant

Debi Miller
Executive Assistant

Drew Bugajny
Account Executive

Jeff Wallace
Retirement Solutions Specialist

Jireh Behm
Account Executive

Julie Kohanek
Senior Account Executive

Julie Nelson
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Randall
Retirement Manager

Rachel Marshall
Account Manager

Randy Schuller
Account Executive

Rebecca Wolfson
Benefits Technology and Implementation Manager

Roxy Kolev
HR Consultant

Sandra Whitehead
Investment Adviser

Sarah Kreber
Marketing and Culture Manager

Steve Knapp
Retirement Plan Advisor

Sue Loureiro
Account Manager

Suzi McNeil
Senior Account Manager

Tara Kelley
HR Consultant

Tim Olson

Travis Martin
Employee Benefits Consultant