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9 Simple Tactics to Improve Employees’ Workplace Health (Infographic)

If you’ve ever seen the TV show Black Mirror, you know there’s almost always a serious downside to the latest and best technology. These downsides exist for companies as much as it does individuals. For example, technology has now created a 24/7 work environment. This constant connection to work can create a detrimental source of stress for your staff.

Research has found that working over eight hours a day can result in 40 to 80 percent greater chance of heart disease. Similarly, businesses lose more than 13 million working days every year due to stress-related illness. Healthy employees make a healthy business; a healthy staff can raise organizational satisfaction, increase productivity, and decrease absenteeism.


Making Your Staff Healthier 

Health insurance is the biggest employee benefit for your company, in trying to keep your staff healthy. Similarly, health insurance is still one of, if not the, most coveted benefit by employees.

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A 2017 Fractl survey found 88 percent of employees would give at least some consideration to a company’s health insurance when deciding between a higher-paying job, and one that was lower-paying but had better benefits. A survey from MetLife found similar results.

According to this survey, 61 percent of employees who said they are “very satisfied” with their company were satisfied because of their health benefits. Still, after health insurance, many employers don’t know what else they can do to promote healthy team members. These nine tactics are excellent ways improve your employees’ workplace health.

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The Wrap

The average person spends 90,000 hours at the office over his or her lifetime. And, thanks to technology, they’re now spending even more time on the job, outside of the office. The modern workplace can have a tremendous impact on your staffs’ health. Your business needs to do all it can to guarantee these 90,000 hours are spent as healthy as possible, due to this impact.

There are tangible benefits to having healthy employees.Dupont Co. found that each dollar invested in workplace health promotion yielded $1.42 over a two-year period in lower absenteeism alone. If you want to lower your company’s absenteeism, use these nine tactics to promote improved workplace health for every employee.

In this case, health is literally, wealth.