The Top 5 Real Benefits of Coffee in the Workplace [Infographic] 

 December 12, 2017

benefits of coffee

Java, joe, bean juice, brew. Coffee has a lot of names. But you rarely hear it called a tool. Something that actually helps you get your job done. Yet, when consumed in moderation, coffee can be a helpful tool for any organization. Despite multiple contrasting reports and opinions, coffee offers any company a handful of advantages.

Providing employees with coffee is relatively inexpensive. And compared to other cheap perks, coffee offers a bevy of benefits. We’ll detail the top five benefits of coffee in the workplace below. And, for the sake of impartiality, we’ll talk about possible disadvantages too.


Coffee and Productivity?

According to Redbooth, there are actual links between coffee and productivity. Three separate scientific studies, in recent years, have found coffee can improve an individual’s productivity in different ways.

pouring coffee

A 2010 study from MIT, also demonstrated the positive effects coffee, and more specifically, coffee breaks can have. This study showed that employees who take coffee breaks together, demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity.

These coffee breaks are an opportunity for employees to meet and share stories and information. And this information includes both personal and work-related experiences. So, worry not when you see a group of employees huddled around the coffee pot. Chances are it’s helping your organization.


Top 5 Benefits of Coffee (And 3 Disadvantages)

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Learn more about the benefits coffee could give your organization.


The Wrap

Coffee is more than just a hangover cure for the office interns. That pot of java can offer your employees tangible benefits. These benefits, in turn, have a real impact on your organization as a whole. So, get that bean juice ready. Without this invaluable tool, your company’s mornings will be rocky.