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11 Terms Your Employees Need to Know for Better Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means having a basic knowledge and understanding of financial matters to manage your resources effectively for a lifetime of economic well-being. What percentage of the U.S. do you think is financially literate? The answer may surprise you. According to research by TIAA, only 16 percent of Americans have a high level of financial […]

15 Reasons Why You Need Financial Wellness in the Workplace [Infographic]

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of financial wellness in the workplace. This benefit works to protect your employees financially, and otherwise. Finances and the stress they cause can have a substantial impact on your organization’s success. According to a 2017 survey from Mercer, employers can lose up to $250 billion a year due to employees’ […]

What is the Latest DOL Fiduciary Rule News?

*This article is an update of a previous post.   Strike the bells! The Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule is (as of now) dead. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied two motions to intervene to defend the DOL’s fiduciary rule. AARP and three state Attorney Generals filed these motions, respectively. Last week, […]

The Latest Retirement Planning News for 2018

“I’m going to work until I’m dead.” It’s a phrase you’ve likely heard before. In fact, according to a CareerBuilder survey, one-third of employees 60 or older, plan to work until at least age 70. While not dead, 70 is a full five years past the “normal” retirement age. Additionally, 20 percent of respondents believed […]

Should You Buy Bitcoin as Part of Your Retirement Plan?

To Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin, that is the question. Unless you’ve been trapped in the Sunken Place, you’ve likely heard something about Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrency. Still, there’s a big difference between hearing about something and understanding it. And Bitcoin, despite its rising popularity, can be difficult to understand. Especially when considering […]

How to Improve Your Organization’s Brand Image

“Brand.” Bringing up brand, or brand image can lead to dull conversations that will quickly reach high levels of pretentiousness. But while talking about “brand image” might seem clichéd, it is still a worthwhile topic of discussion. A consistent brand image, or identity, is vital for establishing what your company is, and differentiating it from […]

Employee Stock Ownership Plans – A Different Kind of Retirement

Retirement benefits, in today’s workforce, hold a similar spot in employees’ minds as coffee or a steady paycheck; they’re a necessity. Without retirement benefits, your organization will likely experience difficulty recruiting and retaining employees. As Forbes put it, not paying for a retirement plan is not the financial plus it may seem. While you will […]

Fight the Status Quo With Strategic Benefits Planning

*The following was taken, and edited down, from Tim Olson’s chapter in Breaking Through the Status Quo. Get your free copy of Breaking Through the Status Quo today!   The ongoing turmoil surrounding our nation’s health care has exposed some of the issues facing both employers and benefits consultants today. In fact, these issues are […]