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How Healthcare Supply Chain Management Can Enhance Your Benefits [Video]

*Download a white paper detailing the importance of healthcare supply chain management.  Think about the phrase supply chain. What do you picture in your mind? An actual chain, a pile of unmarked boxes, UPS? My guess is you’re not thinking about the healthcare industry.  Yet, for many business owners, your healthcare supply chain could be the […]

2019 Open Enrollment Guide: 7 Healthcare Trends You Need to Know

This year in healthcare has been both interesting and tumultuous. In 2018 alone, the Affordable Care Act has undergone significant changes at the hand of the current presidential administration. First, the Cadillac Plan tax was delayed from 2020 to 2022, in January. Then, in April the administration announced two new exceptions to the individual mandate […]

When it Comes to Healthcare, Your Employees Aren’t Different

“Yeah, but our employees are different” is a response I often hear when chatting with an employer about various healthcare strategies to improve employee interaction with the healthcare system. I know it is easy to think that your employees are unique but I am here to tell you otherwise. Your employees are not different. They’re […]

What are the Keys to Driving Domestic Utilization?

Domestic utilization is how a health system’s employees (and their dependents) utilize domestic providers within this system. One of the most important factors for a hospital’s success is figuring out how to drive domestic utilization to your own health system. When done correctly, increasing domestic utilization reduce income leakage to non-domestic providers, lower high-cost utilization, […]

Help Your Employees Make Effective Healthcare Decisions

For the past three or four years, I’ve had in-depth conversations with a multitude of cost-containing healthcare solutions that create predictably good outcomes for employer-sponsored health plans. Many of these solutions are helping employees change the way they purchase the healthcare services they need reducing consumer frustration while putting money back in their pocket. Utilizing […]

Your Healthcare Decisions Are Burning Net Profits

What would you do if someone walked into your office, grabbed all of your petty cash, and started lighting $100 bills on fire? Ask them to stop? Tackle them? Have them arrested? Whatever the response, I bet, it would be immediate and you’d ensure the unwanted guest doesn’t continue burning up cash. However, what happens […]